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Step 2 - Send a text, email or Bark Mail (text is fastest)
Step 3 - After response fill out sent info form
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Step 5 - First visits are $120 or $90 at training center in Mt Vernon (some limitations apply)

Optimum day training & Dogtivity - Tues/Thur/SAT

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Two Saturdays a month. 

  • Scarce on time? Daycare not a solution? Doggy learning bad manners at doycare? 

  • Develop play through games, build focus and attention span

  • Leave your pup or dog with the pros for day of managed training, activity and learning.

Optimum Pup Primer Group-4 sessions- dates

  • Puppies 14 weeks to 11 months; split groups will be scheduled to properly group pups when needed

  • Hands on interactive learning with owners and puppies over 4 visits.

  • Develop play through games, build focus and attention span

  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can create problematic behavior

  • Learn proper social skills to create long lasting good habits

  • Learn the baseline and foundation language and communication with your pup

  • Start target training to stimulate early focus and attention span building.

  • Boost confidence in insecure pups.

  • 4 Sessions, with up to 8 pups.  

  • Puppy Pro Level 2 offered after Primer, repeat of package. 

  •  Learn Place, Recall, Up/Off, Over, With Me, Touch Drills, Potty Bells, Sit, Down and More!


Optimum Private Coaching & training $680 - 6 sessions home or at training center or park/walks

  • Appropriate for puppies to adult dogs

  • Common behavior problem solving

  • For owners that are interested in a “do-it-yourself” approach to training their dog

  • Will teach clients and dog training techniques used by Optimum Dog with proven results

  • Clients must be committed to daily homework lessons and providing consistent repetitions with their dog for good results.

  • Must meet with Optimum Dog trainers on assigned schedule to accomplish goals.

  • Ala Carte lessons available, not in packaged format, but not suggested. We encourage owners to goal set and work consistently in a program to attain all goals.

  • Private training packages include 6 lessons. May renew in 4 or 6 lesson increments with a 10% renewal.

  • May attend group classes for 4 months following private training and during training at no additional cost.

  • Not appropriate for severely aggressive dogs.

  • Optimum Dog has the right to refuse private training for dogs with moderate to severe behavior problems where professional training in a board and train program is required.

  • Additional dogs normally $150-200 additional, exceptions, extremely aggressive dogs.

Optimum Dog Stay& train programs - $1300-$3400

  • Optimum Dog offers clients stay and train programs. Our 25 day program is the most popular but we an customize a program from your dog or dogs as well.  This is a convenient program for dogs and owners alike. Your dog stays with us in a very immersive environment where they are worked with each day teaching manners and obedience with consistency. After the dog’s boot camp training stay we meet with the owner for 4 private sessions 60-90 minutes to train the techniques and methods to the owner. Once completed, we invite you to our group Pawlishing and Paw-Ventures classes for no additional cost to follow through and maintain your dog’s behavior.


Our Most Popular & Successful Program 

  The Optimum Dog 25 Day Program - $2500 (below is general guide on work list)

  • Walk nicely on leash (Let’s go)

  • Respect personal space/no jump up  (bubble space)

  • Sit when stopped on leash

  • Sit-Stay

  • Come when called

  • Place command

  • Crate or Kennel

  • Quiet command

  • Wait at kennel door, door threshold etc

  • Potty training, indicate at door on bell or signal to go out.

  • Wait at open doors

  • Heel on leash

  • Drop or release items from mouth & fetch if appropriate

  • Appropriate play behavior

  • Stay off furniture and counters - house manners

  • Inside remain on bed or place for extended periods

  • Walking with dragging leash or off leash

  • Recall at distance

  • Stop on recall

  • Perform above with increased distractions.

  • Includes remote collar $200 value

  • Place Board for follow up exercises, optional add on.

  • Starmark collar and biothane 4 ft leash and 15 ft lead optional add-on items

  • 10 & 18 Day and 6 Week Programs available  as well as Hybrid/Custom Programs.

  • Aggressive or severe behavioral problems may be additional cost. 

  • 45 minute consult and evaluation for training required. 

  • Current program reservations booked out approximately 15-30 days.

  • Holidays will be charged a premium per day rate


Program Details

We have limited availability on our stay and train program so we can concentrate on each dog in this immersive training environment. If your dog has fear, anxiety or aggression issues, stay and train dog training with Optimum Dog can help stabilize your dog’s behavior and form a consistent environment bringing true confidence and reliability to their behavior. For severe behavior issues we suggest your book a Comprehensive Behavior Evaluation and Training which will last 2 hours and costs $150. We have now limited moderate to severe biting dogs only to our stay and train programs, for the this approach is fairer to the dog and provides a fresh start with guaranteed consistency to obtain results. Many dogs are reformed and successful that have previously been written off or recommended for euthanasia by other trainers and professionals. Sometimes your dog needs to be given very clear communication and spend time in an environment designed to bring out the good behaviors and consistently have consequence and choices for undesired behaviors. We want to help your dog find a happy spot and enjoy being with his owners and feel secure. We can work with you and your veterinarian to address nutrition, health and potential sources of pain and appropriate measures. We always incorporate veterinary visits for fear phobia dogs that need to learn to be comfortable visiting the veterinarian, being weighed and dealing with light touch during examination. We also can address grooming issues like standing on the table, using grooming tools, bathing and toenail trimming.


In working with these special cases we focus not only on the obedience and manners aspect of training but truly take into account the whole dog. We work with you and your veterinarian to discuss potential diet, health or structural issues that may need to be addressed. We also help guide your dog through various confidence-building exercises and incorporate them into our stable pack of other dogs to help improve social skills and communication.


Optimum Other training classes & programs

  • PAWLISHING CLASS - Included for 4 months for advanced training graduates, drop ins rate of $15 per class or $30 per month afterward. Meets 1-2 times weekly various locations. See our calendar for dates then text to reserve your spot!

  • PAWLISHED PUPPIES  - Puppy group 4 weeks for basic social skills and handling of puppies 12 weeks-20 weeks. Meets weekly for 4 weeks. $110 Free with Puppy Primer.

  • PAW-VENTURES GROUP - Annual membership free with advanced program graduates. Fun adventures out and about visiting stores, breweries, coffee shops, parks and hikes. Enhance your relationship with your doggy!

  • FUNTILITY - TARGETING OBSTACLES PAWFECTLY! - what to do more with your dog? We can show you! Platforms, jumps, weaves, targets, tunnels. Create precision and focus before tackling an agility course. How to engage your pup and build confidence on the course without losing precision.

  • TRICKSTERS TRAINING - bow, doga, roll over, shake, wave and show and more! Tools for engagement. Using wobble boards, balls and hoops to develop more fun with your dog. 

  • WOOFERS HIKE & TREKS - Outdoor adventures including back pack techniques, water fun and more. Once a month outing with our best canine friends. 

  • COLLAR LITERATE E-COLLAR CLASS - Remote training 4 hour workshop for dog and handler.  Taught once every 2 months. Email for interest.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD TRAINING - get your neighbors or family together for a seminar or workshop just for you! Contact us for group savings.

  • STAY & TRAIN PROGRAMS - Need to leave town or want to send your furry pup to spend 7-21 days with a trainer in an immersive training environment? Send a bark mail and ask us more about our doggy bootcamps!

  • PAWFECT FITNESS - Drop your doggy with us for the day for circuit training for dogs. A mixture of obstacles, obedience, treadmills, special treats, fun with friends and naptime! Go home content and happy.

How to Schedule?

Optimum Dog uses a mobile

scheduling app to message, schedule and

invoice clients. It makes it convenient and

easy for everyone. Old dogs learn new tricks!

TEXT BEST 360-842-0816


Start with a Consult if you are not sure what class format you are interested in or if you have questions about a particular behavior problem.

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