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Optimum Dog brings training, fitness, activities and a variety of classes and teaching styles to you and your dog. Our goal is to be a hub for activity and hobbies to fulfill activities that promote engagement skills for dogs and open owners up to new ideas to help build a lasting bond. 

We are constantly adding new programs from basic puppy classes to hikes with dogs and tracking seminars to beginner show handling. The world of dog sports is expanding and recreation with our pooch is mainstream now. We want you to learn with and enjoy your dog as much as possible. We know that most behavior issues start with a lack of engagement or confidence in dogs. By shaping behavior early or introducing your dog to new skills and games, we enhance a good partnership. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: As per Governor Orders in WA starting 11/18/20 - the following changes will take effect. No group training classes. Indoor training will occur on a one on one basis just inside our 20 ft high large rollup doors. We will open these but remain sheltered to shield client and dogs from the exterior elements while maintaining fresh air circulation. We are still providing essential services to aggressive dogs, behavioral problems to include biting, dog aggression or those that require immediate intervention, puppies in crucial development phases, in house training dogs in programs which we cannot stop or abandon, service dogs that are in a program or those that are young and must start their program. Any dog where a family member is called and away and needs to attend stay and train program will be admitted. Dogs needing exercise that have not access otherwise may arrange for contactless drop off treadmill time. Training sessions can be arranged for contactless training as well. We have a kennel area in front of business that dogs may be placed in and we will retrieve them to avoid direct leash handoff. Mask mandates are in effect but those clients that have ADA exemptions may inform us and keep social distancing of 6-10 feet. We are committed to helping dogs throughout the Covid Crisis while using proper protocols to protect our clients. Any clients currently enrolled in programs that wish to extend their programs will have the expiration dates for their training extended by 8 weeks to allow us time to catch up any work necessary when mandates are lifted. In addition we are offering online training sessions using our Pocketsuite video application on your smartphone or device. Booking is easy! Please let us know if you need assistance. Thank you for your patience. Team Optimum Dog 

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