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Puppy Pandemonium?

Rover Can't Relax?

Fido is Feisty?

From barky to basics we have you covered!

At Optimum Dog, we understand that your dog is more than a pet – they’re family. That’s why we offer our specialized dog training programs, tailored to your dog’s unique personality and behavior. Our $77 behavioral transformation program is the perfect way to start on your journey to a happier, healthier relationship with your furry friend. We begin with a one-on-one intro session to assess your needs and customize a solution that fits your lifestyle. Why wait? Book your session with us today and unlock your dog or pup's full potential! Let's get started!

Start here! Complete questionnaire and we will get you scheduled for your dog's risk-free assessment. Day training, Stay & Train, Private Lesson, Rally Obedience or Nosework. Behavior issues, no problem! First Behavior Transformation session only $77 so why wait? 
Primary Training Needs
Preferred Contact Methd and Time

Thank you for choosing us for your dog training needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to ensure a successful behavior transformation session. We'll be in touch soon to schedule your appointment.

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