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Happy New Year and Christmas dog
Close-up portrait of a tricolor Australian Shepherd in toy shiny antlers against the backd
German Shepherd dog lies on the floor near the Christmas tree
Small cute funny dog laying at carpet on Christmas tree background
Malinois bard playing in living room

A Training & Dog Activity Hub for Dogs & Their People

Optimum Dog brings training, fitness, activities and a variety of classes and teaching styles to you and your dog.

Our goal is to be a hub for activity and hobbies to fulfill activities that promote engagement skills for dogs and open owners up to new ideas to help build a lasting bond. 

We have instructors with various backgrounds from obedience, Rally-Obedience, Clicker Training, E-Collar Training, Nosework & Tracking, Service Dog Training, Fitness & Treadmill Work, Foundations to Protection Work and Behavioral Rehabilitation.


We hope to bring to you a choice in training methods and various theories so your comfort in training your dog and building a relationship with your dog is successful. Our instructors have extensive experience in their areas of training.

Please let us know any concerns up front and we would be happy to discuss options with you.


The world of dog sports is expanding and recreation with our pooch is mainstream now. We want you to learn with and enjoy your dog as much as possible. We know that most behavior issues start with a lack of engagement or confidence in dogs. By shaping behavior early or introducing your dog to new skills and games, we enhance a good partnership. 

Our Story

How Optimum Dog started and how we are growing through vision

What We Do

List of our classes instructors and partnerships with canine professionals 


Hours and Appointment Setting Guides and How to Get Started

Real World Training for Your Dog

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