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Optimum Dog traces its roots back to Dietrich and Company, a dog obedience business owned by Jennifer Hinton-Schubeck that was established in 1994. In 2004, Dietrich and Company evolved into Optimum Dog, driven by the desire to assist troubled dogs with specific aggression issues, particularly those from shelters or rescue organizations.


In 2019, Optimum Dog decided to relocate to Mount Vernon, WA, where they currently occupy a spacious 3800-square-foot indoor training facility. With plans to expand further in 2022, an additional training floor and office space were added in 2021. This expansion has transformed Optimum Dog into a thriving training hub, attracting talented trainers who bring their expertise and skills to the site. One notable addition to the team is Charlie Engen, who joined Optimum Dog in 2020 and eventually became a business partner with Jennifer. Charlie's qualifications as a Master Police K9 Handler-Instructor and experience in training and handling police K9s have greatly enhanced Optimum Dog's offerings, particularly in the areas of detection and protection training.


The team at Optimum Dog consists of dedicated trainers who are passionate about their craft and constantly strive to improve their skills and knowledge. Connor Troupe, for instance, began as an intern under Jennifer's guidance and later earned a Master K9 Certificate with Highland K9. Augustus Schubeck, who served in the Army for four years, chose to pursue a career working with dogs upon his return. Oonagh Parker, with a degree in Neurosciences, continuously enhances her abilities to better serve the dogs in their care. Additionally, part-time trainers Jenna and Laura, who are full-time school teachers and operate a non-profit rescue, contribute their expertise to the team. Lisa Ford, with her years of experience and expertise in competitive Rally Obedience instruction, brings a wealth of knowledge to Optimum Dog.


Education is highly valued at Optimum Dog, and all trainers are encouraged to attend continuing education programs to expand their skills and knowledge each year. Currently, Optimum Dog offers a wide range of training programs and workshops, including puppy and dog training, Fido Fun and Fitness, Optimum Dog Stay and Train Programs, Nose work, Tracking, AKC Rally Obedience, and Specialty Workshops such as Reactive Dog, Nose work, E-Collar, Engagement Skills, and Group Outings. The aim is to provide comprehensive training options that cater to the unique needs of each dog and their owners.


Additionally, Optimum Dog offers an internship training program for individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career as a dog trainer. If you are interested in joining our team and gaining valuable hands-on experience, we encourage you to send a cover letter and resume expressing your interest in the internship program. We believe in fostering the next generation of talented trainers and look forward to hearing from dedicated individuals who share our love for dogs and commitment to their career path. 

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