Jennifer Schubeck
Lead Trainer


Enamored with animals since a child, Jennifer grew up with cats, dogs, horses, turtles, rabbits, birds and critters abound. Her favorite hobbies were dogs and horses and she participated in 4-H, Pony Club and activities throughout high school and college. She was fortunate to have great mentors and a veterinarian in the family forming a positive influence. In the veterinary environment, she was constantly exposed to dogs in stressful situations, had the opportunity in helping develop puppy behavior and gained experience working with the clinic obedience class instructors. To many she was a true animal person, natural talent and ability with her four legged friends. This led to her dog training career that started 26 years ago. 


From Jack Russells to German Shepherds! She grew up with a cattle dog, mix breed terriers and obtained her first Jack Russell terrier at the age of 14. The terrier taught her much and they learned much together including how sneaky dog's can be.  She fell in love at the age of 16 with the German Shepherd breed and her first solid black German Shepherd came to her at 21 years of age. Dietrich was a tough training project, a confident and cocky male shepherd that she trained fully to all off lead work, Schutzhund and nose work. These experiences helped define the foundation and base of her training education. Jennifer began teaching classes at 17 years of age and quickly gained a following, helping out rescues and working with German Shepherds, eventually breeding her own and gaining a reputation for dealing with "problem" dogs. In the principles of animal communication,  it was important for Jennifer to understand the switches and motivations for undesired behavior.  


Jennifer's dog training career started at 17 years of age, assisting teaching classes and when she attended college at WSU she began teaching and training while attending school and working for the veterinary laboratory. Even with her busy schedule, the rehabilitation  of shelter dogs on "death row" became her specialty, as there were few handlers that would take these dogs and turn them into successful adapted individuals. She continued to teach and train through the 1990's at Sit or Stay Pet Hotel and School and eventually her own company, Dietrich & Co. Optimum Obedience - now Optimum Obedience, offering choices, selctions and activities.


A desire to work in a different field evolved and Jennifer began her career as a law enforcement officer in 2003. In this career, she made friendships allowing her to assist in police canine training and handling, seminar with IPO/Schutzhund handlers and continue to dedicate time to needy rescue dogs with behavior problems. She continues training education for herself monthly. Her passion is capturing the motivations and drive from the dogs she trains and honing it into refined concentration, building the connection of the dog to the handler. She recognized that it is through this energy that all obedience and work occurs. Integrating markers, targets, tasking and many tools, she utilizing a wide spread approach and narrows training approaches specific to each dog and handler. No dog is the same, no owner is the same and there are infinite combinations. Training is successful when a tailored approach is applied.  Jennifer gets results and loves the feeling of a happy ending and watching people really enjoy the bond with their canine friend.  



Diverse rescue dog experience. Love of herding breeds

Owner of Aussies & Malinois

Grew up with horses, dogs and has a current small hobby farm of critters - goats, chickens, horses. 

Diverse veterinary technician experience over 20 years. Obsessed with bully breeds and little tiny dogs! Client pleaser, easy going and fun.

Owner of medical rescue dogs - lab mix, tripod and pity.

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