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"Ready, Set, Train: Preparing Your Dog or Puppy for their Visit to Optimum Dog!"

Q1: What vaccines and parasite prevention do I need to provide for my dog or puppy before their Optimum Dog training visit?


A1: Before your dog or puppy's training visit, we require core vaccines and parasite prevention. This helps to keep our training facility disease and parasite free and your dog or puppy safe.


Q2: Are there any age restrictions for my dog or puppy to begin training?


A2: Yes, puppies must be at least 9  weeks old and have received their first two DAPP vaccines in the series and first Bordetella vaccine. They must have had two dewormings and had treatment to prevent flea infestation. 


Q3: What other information do I need to provide prior to my dog or puppy's visit?


A3: In addition to core vaccines and parasite prevention, we will require proof of vaccinations prior to your dog or puppy's visit. Please provide this information when booking your appointment. You can upload the documents and dates directly into Paw Partner under your dog's profile or have your veterinarian email them to us at

Q4: What are core vaccines? 

A4: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (DAPP), Bordetella and Rabies vaccine. (Rabies required for dogs 6 months and older). Titer testing as a substitution for certain vaccines is acceptable and proof is required. 

Q5: What parasite prevention is required?

A5: Dogs or puppies visiting for training must have flea prevention in the form of oral preventative, spot on or spray. They must have deworming within six months of visit or a negative fecal test. Monthly heartworm medications are considered deworming. You may purchase dewormer over the counter in the form of Fenbendazole (Safeguard/Panacur) or buy deworming products with pyrantel pamoate. 

Q6: How do you decide what vaccines to give our dog or puppy? 

A6: You can check your pet's lifestyle and vaccine recommendations here:

Vaccine Recommendation Schedule Based on Age at Initial Vaccination and Lifestyle of Dog (

Currently Optimum Dog does not require Canine Flu or Leptospirosis or Heartworm testing to attend training. We do monitor trends in our area and outbreaks and will make changes if necessary to our policy. 

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