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Fido Fit and Fun is offered seasonally
coming back in June 2021. Dogs in programs or previously in training can contact for special arrangement before that time. This is not a substitute for private training. Dogs must meet certain goals prior to attending this program. Packages including Day Training and Private Sessions working with handler and dog are available. 
Drop off 8-8:15 am

Pickup 1/2 day 12:15-12:30pm

Pickup afternoon 5-5:30 pm

Late pickup and early drop fees may be applied at $25 per occurrence.  

Your dog must pass a behavior test to attend. Basic manners required. Does not substitute for obedience training but can supplement training for consistency.  Circuit training - stations include cot time, treadmill, place & obstacles station, play time toys, find it or pool time weather permitting.

$85 full day 5-9 hrs

$65 half day up to 4.5 hrs

Packages available for 10% savings.
 Add on services available, outings, nail trims and private training sessions.


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