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group format classes


4 -Private 60 min sessions  &

3 -Small Groups of 3-5 other puppies

$300 Package

Puppies must be 10 weeks to 6 months at start date & complete sessions in 8 weeks.

Book online and instructor will contact you to setup your private sessions first and then when private 3 sessions are completed in 3 weeks, you will be able to attend 3 group sessions offered weekly, see calendar for availability. Class is a set format unlike private training which can be customized training.


Exclusive group classes for private training clients! Yes, these are classes included with our private training packages. Groups of 6-10 dogs indoor and outdoor group settings with various formats to enhance private training. We emphasize building reliable commands through the theory of training the "Three D's" = Distance, Duration, Distractions!

Groups settings provide the ability to train in all three of these elements, especially a distracted environment. Group sessions are included for 4 months of private training or Stay & Train Programs. These are designed to strengthen handler skills and make each dog/handler team reach training goals. Sessions taught Wednesdays and Sundays or weather permitting special outdoor sessions. Inquire about private training with group classes for dogs over 6 months.

Pawlishing Groups will be offered in the following levels:

Level 1 - Beginner

 Level 2 - Advanced

Level 3 - Off Leash

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