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K9 Track NW

Seminars & Classes


September 19-20th 9 am-1:30 pm

Together with K9 Track NW Intro to Tracking and Olfaction - Beginners Welcome!

Have you ever wondered if all that sniffing your dog does could be put to good use?
Do you ever wonder if there is anything that will give your dog a good work out?
Come and play with us for the weekend- and see how amazing your dog truly can be with that nose!
This seminar is for the beginner. I will show you games to play with your dog to use their nose, and we will discuss some positive play practices to keep everyone having fun and staying safe.
We will spend Saturday working your dogs in detection- searching for a specific odor. Teaching you as a team the beginnings of one of the greatest games ever- "Find It!" We will also discuss where you can take this type of work- just for fun, competition, or a job???
Sunday, we are going to be tracking. Teaching you and your dog the puppy steps to finding the trail! Come find the trails with us, this is an amazing job to do with your dog too, and can also lead to many adventures!
K9 Track NW will be in Mount Vernon for this seminar at Optimum Dog. Thank you Optimum Dog for inviting us!

Saturday class will be at Optimum Dog from 9-1:30pm.
Sunday, we will be working in the Mount Vernon area- we will give you directions Saturday.
This is a working seminar for you and your dog! Each dog team will have the experience of working as a team.
What do you need for this seminar?
six foot leash
a basic collar- not a training collar
smelly treats
toy- if dog likes toys!
Dogs will always be on leashes. Dogs will also need to have a safe space in your vehicle for when they are taking a break. Most exercises will be done with one dog working at a time.
Cost $125.00
To sign up today- message K9 Track NW.

Sign ups will also be available here starting September 7th, 2020.
Still want to know more? Ask in comments.
And, yes we will be offering classes down in the Mount Vernon area. And, yes, we will have some great discounts for those classes starting soon for those of you who are attending this seminar!!!
One more thing- we do have a limit of dog teams that can attend this seminar- so sign up today!

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