Lots of fun and engagement skills for puppies. Learn the basics: place, let's go, here, leash skills, proper play & social manners. Bring treats and toys.

Optimum Pup Group

Strengthen your recall skills. Tired of calling your dog and they never come fast or straight away? Learn to use engagement and targets to have loads of fun during recalls even when chaotic!

Rover Run Over

Learn to climb and balance, step over and obstacles and items. Good for building confidence or developing skills, balance and more. Good foundation for agility dogs too. 

Fido Funtility

Basic manners, leash skills, place, let's go, come/here, sit, down & doorways, proper play (not appropriate for aggressive or agitated dogs)

Fido Fundamentals

Engagement & play skills for dogs. Learn to work connection and drive through games and play & how to use these to improve issue with distractions.

Struttin Mutts

Explore what a dog's nose is all about and experience how nose games can help shape fun and stifle everyday boredom. 

Smellin Stuff

Seasonal outings - store visits, trails walks or other group park activities we do in a group environment for dogs that have past our basic manners test and our working towards "public access" good behavior. Explore places & learn new fun things to do with your dog.

Dog Day Ventures

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