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One on one attention to make you and your canine brilliant together!


Starting at $95/hr at training center.


$95 for initial consultation. (Puppies under 6 months $70)


Home visits (limited basis) are $175 per session plus mileage beyond 2 miles from training center.


Reactive and aggressive dogs may be $150 per 90-120 min session depending on severity of issues. 


Packages - $530 for First Private Session 75 min & 5 Private Lessons at 60 minutes. Reactive dogs $150 for First Session and after first session may enroll in Private Training Package.


Private training is the prerequisite for our group sessions - Pawlishing Classes - Proofing and distraction courses to help further shape your dog's behavior. 

Rally and Tricks Group classes must have permission of instructor or attend one private session to assess if your dog is ready for group class environment. We keep our group classes moving forward in a positive way and do not want it to become a private training session for one distractive dog. 

Optimum Dog values trainer education and we currently have trainers attending a Master Trainer Program out of state - therefore our ability for home visits is limited and only approved on a case-by-case basis. We ask most clients to schedule at our spacious indoor training facility. 

Start by filling out our registration form or contact form here on the website.

Wait for our response to schedule. Please text follow up or email if you don't have a response in 72 hrs to 4 days during busy times. We try to be timely but during certain peak times, we may miss a communication or technical errors can occur. Text message is best way to reach us during training times.

Private sessions for general obedience, specialty training and puppy training is available at our training center 7 days a week.


Private instruction for Rally Obedience on Tuesday afternoons. Rally Obedience group 5pm and 6pm on Tuesday nights with Lisa Ford. 

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