training offerings

How do you choose?   Start with a Private Session and we will assess and make a recommendation!

private training & coaching

Our most popular program. One on one attention to make you and your canine brilliant together! Starting at $95/hr at training center. Park or homes visits outside available. Indoor home training on a limited basis with COVID modifications if no other options are available. 

Aggressive dogs must be seen at training center in Mt Vernon on first visit 

fido fun& fitness

Drop off day  training program to refresh training or keep your dog fit with our treadmill program. 

Resuming May-June 2021 

Dogs must be in a training program or have attended. This is not a substitute for private training or stay & train programs.

stay & Train Programs

FULL IMMERSION TRAINING FOR YOUR DOG OR PUPPY.  Programs for puppy primer, basic, advanced and behavior rehab... Schedule a evaluation or call to see if our program is right for you & your dog. Starting at $95 per day. Programs 14-90 days. 

hybrid classes


3 -Private 40 min sessions  &

3 -Small Groups

$225 Package

Puppies must be under 5 months at start date. 

1-15th of month privates

16-31st of month groups offered on Wednesday & Saturdays

We will not be offering group outdoor classes until June 2021 for other dogs.

special classes & seminars

Summer 2021

From tracking to Nosework and tricks, show handling and e-collar introductions - something for everyone. Small Focus groups and seminar days - new formats to fit Covid Requirements