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training offerings

How do you choose?   Start with a Private Session and we will assess and make a recommendation!

"Unlock Your Potential with Private Training and Coaching"

Our Private Training and Coaching program is our most popular service and provides one on one attention to help make you and your canine companion as brilliant as can be! Starting at just $95/hr at our training center, we also offer home visits by special arrangement starting at $175 per session plus travel time.

Achieve Optimum Results with day training

Our Day Training program is a great way to get your pup trained without you having to be there all day. We offer drop off day training Monday through Saturday and our program includes leash work, place training, tread/slatmill exercises, group work and play-engagement skills. Before your pup can start the Day Training program, they must attend an assessment & evaluation to establish goals.

Available 8-5pm 


$65 1/2 day 4.5 hrs

$85 for full day 5-9 hrs.

$25 late pickup or early drop off fee.

Packages and add on services available. Just Ask!


stay & Train Programs

FULL IMMERSION TRAINING FOR YOUR DOG OR PUPPY.  Programs for puppy primer, basic, advanced and behavior rehab... Schedule a evaluation or call to see if our program is right for you & your dog. Starting at $95 per day. Programs 14-90 days. 

puppy program

Our Puppy Program is designed to provide a safe, fun and educational environment for puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months of age. Our Puppy Program offers private 1st solo sessions for $70 and Puppy Basic Private Packages for $240 including 4 sessions.


This program is a pre-requisite to all puppy groups where puppies can enroll in additional group classes: Puppy Basics & Proofing, Puppy Advanced, Puppy Explore, Puppy Super Sniffer and Puppy Tricks.

Each of these puppy group series has 4 meetings/session and costs $120 per series. 

special classes & seminars

Group Pawlishing  Proofing Class

(prerequisite private training 4 sessions)

$120 for 4 Sessions

Wednesday evening or Saturday mid morning schedule. Open to all previous enrolled dogs from private or stay and train programs.

Group Tricks Class

$140 for 4 sessions

Group of 6 

Sunday afternoons

(pre-req private training 4 sessions or test)

What Smells? Intro to Nosework Games for Dogs - Thursday or Saturday evenings


Electronic Collar Introduction  - Using This Tool for Regular Communication. 

Engagement Skills - Building Reliable Communication & Relationships with your Dog 

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