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training offerings

How do you choose?   Start with a Private Session and we will assess and make a recommendation!

private training & coaching

Our most popular program. One on one attention to make you and your canine brilliant together! Starting at $95/hr at training center. From January 2022 through June 2022 we have suspended our home visits program as we have instructors away attending Master handling school. Join us at our spacious facility or during park training days.

Aggressive dogs must be seen at training center in Mt Vernon on first visit 

Optimum day training

Drop off day  training program available on a limited basis and schedule which includes 3 training sessions, treadmill, cot time and turnout. 

Must be approved and enroll in private training separately to attend this program. Only available 2 days per week until June 2022.

stay & Train Programs

FULL IMMERSION TRAINING FOR YOUR DOG OR PUPPY.  Programs for puppy primer, basic, advanced and behavior rehab... Schedule a evaluation or call to see if our program is right for you & your dog. Starting at $95 per day. Programs 14-90 days. 

hybrid classes


3 -Private 60 min sessions  &

3 -Small Groups

$300 Package

Puppies must be under 10 weeks to 6 months of age. 

Groups are select Thursday and Saturdays or Sundays each month. See Calendar. Must attend at least first private to attend puppy group.

special classes & seminars

Winter 2022 through Spring 2022

Seminars coming:

What Smells? Intro to Nosework Games for Dogs

Electronic Collar Introduction  - Using This Tool for Regular Communication. 

Engagement Skills - Building Reliable Communication & Relationships with your Dog 

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